Quick start

A new kind of spreadsheet

In Blockpad, formulas do the math, and you click equations to use the results, just like in a spreadsheet. What's new? A lot. Keep reading to find out.

Start a new document

After starting Blockpad, open a new document to start a file.






Live math in a word processor

Dynamic equations show up as readable math inside of a document, but they calculate exactly like a spreadsheet formula.






Type the equals sign for formulas

To create equations, just type an equals sign in the document and the formula box appears.






Reference other formulas

When you enter formulas, you can click to reference other equations, like in a spreadsheet.






Changes auto-update

Click an equation and start typing to give it a new formula. The document recalculates right away.






Name a value

Name values directly in the equation - just type the name and an equals sign before the formula. Use that name to reference the result in other equations.






Change the formula display

You can change what you see in a formula - full math display, values plugged in, or only the result.