A new kind of spreadsheet software

Built to make engineering calculations faster and easy to check

  • The value of Mathcad, with the ease of Excel
  • Save Excel files, PDF files, and more
  • Work online or download

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Engineers have depended on Excel, which is prone to mistakes, for vital calculations.

Alternatives like Mathcad are cumbersome and less productive.

Blockpad, with spreadsheets and math documents together, avoids mistakes and saves time.

Blockpad is familiar

It works like word processors, spreadsheets, and drawing software you already know.

Clear and productive

Keep track of units and show your equations. It’s as clear as writing it out by hand, but automated.

Do more with formulas

You already know formulas that link spreadsheet cells. Now link sketches and documents too.

A cohesive platform

When your tools do more, your company can do more.

Blockpad Excel Mathcad Tedds with Word
Easy formula input

Math-style equations

Word processing


CAD sketching

Link sketches to calculations

Equation solving

Calculus functions

Engineering reference data

Automatically recalculate

Frequently asked questions

What kind of files does Blockpad work with?

Blockpad works with Excel files, PDF files, and more. You can also create and share files over the web.

What calculation engine does Blockpad use?

Blockpad includes its own robust, fully-tested math and formula engine.

If you're more used to Excel, no worries. You can export your Blockpad equations to Excel to see exactly what's under the hood.

Is Blockpad web software, or do you download it?

Both—Blockpad works both online and offline. Our downloadable program for Windows gives you full control of your own files, so you don't need an internet connection. Our website also lets you use the full program online. Your choice.

You'll be amazed how easy

Use Blockpad on the desktop or on the web

Quick start guides

Equations | Units | Spreadsheets | Sketches | Equation solving

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