The ideal software for
engineering calculations

A new kind of “spreadsheet” for engineers
that saves time and improves quality

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We were disappointed with software for calculations. It was a choice between spreadsheets, Mathcad, or even word processors, and we wanted better.

Excel is convenient, but that comes at a cost. It's easy to make mistakes, and formulas are hard to read and check.

Mathcad has readability, units, and equation solving, but it's cumbersome.

We created Blockpad to be the right tool for the job.

It's a replacement to Excel and Mathcad that saves time and improves quality.

It has built-in CAD sketching and a calculation library too.

Blockpad is familiar

It looks and feels like using a word processor, spreadsheet, and CAD software. The pieces just fit together.

Work with clarity

Keep track of equations and units to avoid mistakes.

Link with formulas

Formulas do more, automating repetitive work.