The essential software for engineering calculations

Easily write formulas, appearing as readable equations, directly into documents. Includes automatic recalculation, units, equation solving, and more.

Blockpad has built-in spreadsheets. Link data with documents effortlessly, or work with Excel files.

Blockpad makes calculations fast and clean. It's like Excel and Mathcad combined.

Engineering takes more than a black box

We're engineers who felt the need for better calculation software.

From conceptual planning to detailed design to final safety checks, transparency is essential. More and more, however, engineers rely on complex models alone. We believe it is still important to have a clear view throughout the engineering process.

With Blockpad, engineers now have an easy, effective tool to make clear calculations.

Benefits of Blockpad

  • Clarity in calculations
  • Encourage checking
  • Powerful and easy to learn

Trusted by engineers

“Great software for engineering computations”

Ease of use, have the ability to use a Math computation program and spreadsheet program together, presentation of reports I can give to my clients.

–Stephen W., Bridge Engineer

“Where have you been all of my (engineering) life?”

Blockpad was super intuitive to use. Right off the bat, I was making a production ready document that looked great. The units intelligence makes sure that face-palming mistakes don't happen. The best part is that it just works.

–Tyler O., Product Development

“Great Platform for our Engineering team”

Great, easy to implement and start using... the Engineering team really liked the features and the ease of use.

–Marek S., TSS