Quick start

Link equations to spreadsheets

Blockpad isn't just a word processor document, it also incorporates actual spreadsheets.

Start a new spreadsheet

Insert a spreadsheet frame into your file alongside a document, like inserting a new sheet in a conventional spreadsheet.






A spreadsheet... with units?

Formulas work like in a normal spreadsheet, but with all of the Blockpad features, like units and naming values.






Show the formula in the cell

You can control how formulas are displayed here too, so you can show the formula and name with the result.






Documents link to spreadsheets

Reference spreadsheet cells in document equations.






Spreadsheets link to documents

It works the other way too. Use document values inside spreadsheet formulas.






Functions made for engineers

Blockpad comes with a function library that has engineers in mind, like VlookupInterpolate and Interpolate2D.