Quick start


Blockpad isn't just a word processor document, it also incorporates actual spreadsheets.

New spreadsheet

Insert a spreadsheet frame into your file alongside a document, like creating a new sheet in a conventional spreadsheet.

The names that you see on the left of a Blockpad file are very similar to "sheets" in a spreadsheet. We call them top level frames in Blockpad. They can be a Report (word processor document), a Spreadsheet, or a 2D Drawing.






A spreadsheet... with units?

Just like with tables, calculations work the same as formulas in conventional spreadsheets, and they work with Blockpad's equation features, including units intelligence.






Named cells

You can name cells like naming values in dynamic equations.

This works in tables too.






Documents link to spreadsheets

Reference spreadsheet cells in document equations.






Spreadsheets link to documents

It works the other way too. Use document values inside spreadsheet formulas.






Word processor-style areas

Change a cell to "multiline" and you can type in it like a word processor and create Blockpad equations. Then you can use those equations in the spreadsheet too.