Quick start

Tables - mini spreadsheets inside documents

Blockpad includes tables and spreadsheets so you have the flexibility to solve all kinds of problems.






Insert a table

Put a table inside a document by clicking the insert table button in the toolbar.






Run calculations in the table

Tables work like conventional spreadsheets, except that formulas include Blockpad features like units intelligence.






Reference table values and vice-versa

You can reference table values in your document equations, just click-to-reference like in a spreadsheet.

This works in reverse too - you can reference document values in your table equations.






Functions for spreadsheets

Blockpad includes built-in functions that work well with spreadsheets, including Sum(), Average(), and Vlookup().

There are also new functions built for engineering needs, like VlookupInterpolate().






Table formatting

Like text and equations, table cells can be formatted using the toolbar, the properties window, and value formatting.

For an easy way to control cell size, select View>Show Rulers.