Quick start

Matrix math

Blockpad arrays perform typical matrix math operations, including multiplication and inverses.

Create an array

Square brackets begin and end an array. Commas separate items in a row and semi-colons designate the end of a row.






Array from a spreadsheet

You can also create an array by referencing cells in a spreadsheet table.






Matrix math

Use the normal math operators for matrix math, like + and *.

Addition and subtraction

Matrix multiplication

Scalar multiplication






Matrix inverse

To find the inverse of a matrix, you can use the Inverse() function or raise the matrix to the negative 1.






Arrays as spreadsheet range

Arrays act essentially the same as spreadsheet ranges, so you can use functions on them like Sum(), Max(), or even Vlookup().

You can also include text and other kinds of values. Learn more in the deep dive guide.






Display array in a spreadsheet

You can display an array in spreadsheet form. If a formula results in an array while in a spreadsheet, press ctr+shift+enter, and it will fill the cells below and to the right.