Welcome to Blockpad

Blockpad is a new kind of 'spreadsheet' that helps engineers do their work faster and more clearly. It's built to be flexible and easy to use.

These pages go deeper into the capabilities of Blockpad. For a shorter introduction, check out the quick start guide or the videos on the support page.

Click on the links to learn about the topics below, or start with Calculations and work your way through.





Calculations with math display

Math is done with spreadsheet-like formulas, but displayed in mathematical notation.





Math with units

Blockpad formulas incorporate units, complete with conversions and unit tracking.





Name values easily

In Blockpad, it's easy to assign names to values that you input or calculate. Then you can reference them from anywhere in the document.





Mini-spreadsheet tables

Blockpad tables are like mini-spreadsheets. You can put them in documents and reference values between the tables and documents.





The spreadsheet you know

In Blockpad, you can have a document with a full, normal spreadsheet.





Function library

Blockpad has a library of math, text, lookup, and engineering functions you can use in your calculations.





Create custom functions

It's easy to create your own functions in Blockpad- you can do it in a normal formula.





Solve systems of equations

The solver section can solve systems of equations with intuitive, formula style input. Then you can reference the results in the document.





Live drawings in documents

You can insert a fully functioning Blockpad drawing into a document - with point snapping and formulas.





Matrix math

Blockpad formulas let you input matrices and do math with them. Matrices and spreadsheet arrays play nice together too.





Date and time arithmetic

Calculations with dates are easy in Blockpad - dates and times interact intuitively.





Array formulas

Array formulas are easy in Blockpad. You can go back and forth between matrices in formulas and arrays in spreadsheets.





Link spreadsheets, drawings, and documents

You can have formulas in spreadsheets, reports (word processors), and drawings, and you can reference values between them like with sheets in conventional spreadsheets.





Complex numbers

In Blockpad, complex number math is easy and intuitive - just type in i or j like you would write it by hand.


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