Multiline Cell

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A Multiline Cell is the frame type for report-like functionality in a spreadsheet or table cell.

A multiline cell basically functions as a mini-report inside of a spreadsheet cell. So you can have multiple lines of text, dynamic expressions, formatted text, and sub-frames, like a 2D canvas or table.

multiline 1

Change a cell to multiline:
  1. Select a cell in a Spreadsheet or table.
  2. Open the properties window.
  3. Under Object, change Cell Type to Multiline.
  • The cell height will automatically increase to accommodate text length and new lines, but the cell width must be changed manually.
  • You can merge a multiline cell with other cells, so you can have a wider frame.
  • A multiline cell is considered to be a frame. So, references to values in a multiline cell will include the cell name, which is the cell reference (A4, T21, etc) by default.
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