File Object Type

You can refer to this file object type in any formula, macro, module, or other script in Blockpad. You can use either its name or its full path:

  • To refer to it by name, use Table (make sure the library Library.Docs.Objects is included with Include Libaries)
  • To refer to it by its full path, use Library.Docs.Objects.Table


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A table is a functional mini-spreadsheet frame that can be inserted into a report.

A Blockpad table has all the capabilities of a Blockpad spreadsheet, but it's smaller and can be placed into reports and multiline cells.

Insert a table:
  1. While inside a report or multiline cell, select the insert tool.
  2. Choose Table.
  3. Choose an appropriate placement.
  4. Specify number of rows and columns.
  5. Click OK.
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