You can refer to this tool in any formula, macro, module, or other script in Blockpad. You can use either its name or its full path:

  • To refer to it by name, use ShowFormulaProperty (make sure the library Library.Tools.Properties is included with Include Libaries)
  • To refer to it by its full path, use Library.Tools.Properties.ShowFormulaProperty


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The Show Formula property controls the visibility of the calculation in formula.

When Show Formula is set to No for a dynamic expression, spreadsheet cell, or other object that holds formulas, the calculation part of the formula is not shown. This can be useful to hide bulky formulas in reports where you still want to show the name and result.

Show formula

Hide formula

Show or hide formula:
  1. Select the dynamic expression or other object.
  2. Open the properties window.
  3. Under Formula near the bottom of the window, change Show Formula to Yes or No.
  • If Show Formula is set to No, the formula will still calculate.
  • For spreadsheet cells, Show Formula defaults to No.
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