Step-by-Step Section

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A Step-by-Step Section changes how formulas are calculated inside. Instead of calculating the formulas in order of dependency, the contents of a step-by-step section are calculated from top to bottom.

Blockpad treats the section as a single bulk formula for updates—i.e. if any formulas inside the section require recalculation, the entire section is recalculated.

Insert a step-by-step section:
  1. While inside a report or multiline cell, select the insert tool.
  2. Select Step-by-Step Section.
  3. Click OK.
  • Formulas in a step-by-step section can override previous variables.
  • If there is a table or 2D canvas subframe inside of a step-by-step section, the formulas inside of the subframe are calculated together in order of dependency. Then the subframe is calculated as one step within the step-by-step section.
  • You can conditionally hide a step-by-step section using the hide property.
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