File Object Type

You can refer to this file object type in any formula, macro, module, or other script in Blockpad. You can use either its name or its full path:

  • To refer to it by name, use ToggleSection (make sure the library Library.Docs.Objects is included with Include Libaries)
  • To refer to it by its full path, use Library.Docs.Objects.ToggleSection


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A Toggle Section can automatically hide its contents by a simple formula.

Insert a Toggle Section:
  1. Go to where you want the new section (or select the paragraphs to place the section around).
  2. Click Insert (or press Ctrl+K).
  3. Select Toggle Section
  4. Click OK.

Before you enter a formula, the Toggle Section will always be visible.

Enter a formula to hide the section:
  1. Select the Toggle Section by clicking the label.
  2. Open the properties window.
  3. Click Hide in the list of properties.
  4. Enter a formula.
    • The section will hide if the result is true.
    • The section will show if the result is false.
  • The contents of the section remain part of the file, and any formulas inside will recalculate and may be referenced by outside formulas, even if it is hidden.
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