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File Object Type


A Toggle Section can automatically hide its contents by a simple formula.

Insert a Toggle Section:
  1. Go to where you want the new section (or select the paragraphs to place the section around).
  2. Click Insert (or press Ctrl+K).
  3. Select Toggle Section
  4. Click OK.

Before you enter a formula, the Toggle Section will always be visible.

Enter a formula to hide the section:
  1. Select the Toggle Section by clicking the label.
  2. Open the properties window.
  3. Click Hide in the list of properties.
  4. Enter a formula.
    • The section will hide if the result is true.
    • The section will show if the result is false.
  • The contents of the section remain part of the file, and any formulas inside will recalculate and may be referenced by outside formulas, even if it is hidden.
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