The Mathcad alternative you've been looking for

Blockpad provides all the benefits of Mathcad but none of the hassle. Clear equations and units intelligence are combined with spreadsheet-style useability to make calculations easier.

Why use Mathcad for engineering?

Most engineers choose Mathcad for two reasons:

  1. You can show your work in math display.
  2. The computer takes care of unit conversions.

Even with these benefits, many engineers don't consider it worth the hassle.

Blockpad makes units and math display easy

Blockpad offers Mathcad's basic benefits, but it's much easier to use. I could go on about how we do this, but let's look at the basics.

Spreadsheet style formulas

Calculations are typed in like a spreadsheet formula - no fussing about the toolbar or learning special keyboard shortcuts. Then when the formula is entered, it's displayed in clear math notation.

Units intelligence

Units are typed directly into the formula without anything special. To give a number units, you just type the units in. That's it.

Blockpad also has some useful unit features that Mathcad lacks, like math with foot-inch units.

Variable assignment

Variables are named by typing the name and an equals sign, no weird syntax. Then to reference a variable, you type it in or click it, like in a spreadsheet.

Using these three things alone, you can create a calculation document that's easy to make, easy to check, and easy to use.

Blockpad has advanced features too

Blockpad also has more of the engineering specific features that Mathcad has. User defined functions and matrix math are a good example of this.

User defined functions are easy to create in Blockpad. You define them in a normal formula.

Matrices and matrix math are also straightforward. You can type them into a formula, or reference a range in a spreadsheet. Then use regular Blockpad functions and operators for the math.

Wait, spreadsheets?

Yeah, spreadsheets. Some engineering work is more suited to spreadsheets, so Blockpad has spreadsheets built-in to provide the tools you need.

Yes, Mathcad allows you to embed excel tables, but we're not talking about embedded tables. Blockpad includes native spreadsheets that work in the same document as your other calculations.

Because it's all in the same file, there's less trouble managing multiple documents and external references. Plus, because the spreadsheets are native to Blockpad, there's all the same math features like units intelligence and user defined functions.

Drawings too

Blockpad includes a sketching tool that works like 2D CAD software. The point snapping makes it easy to create crisp, clear sketches that you can use to illustrate a calculation, or as a deliverable to a drafter.

Blockpad sketches can also include labels that link to your calculations. That way, you don't have to manually type in a new number when the calculations change.

Learn more: Drawings (full video)

Better than just a Mathcad copy

Blockpad is a seamless calculation platform that includes:

  • Math documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Units intelligence
  • CAD sketching
  • Equation solving
  • and more.

It works on the web, or on your desktop.

You can keep your work within Blockpad, or save it to Excel.

Start today

See for yourself what Blockpad has to offer. Start a free trial, and take a look at our quick start or deep dive guides to explore and decide for yourself.

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