Save time on calculations with Blockpad

We say using Blockpad saves time on engineering calculations, but how does that happen in practice?

Save time on the front-end

In Blockpad, the workflow is built around engineering work. Because of that, it’s quicker to make the calculations in the first place.

Also, units intelligence saves engineers from the extra work of keeping up with conversion factors and including them in your equations.

Catch mistakes as they happen – not at the end

Most mistakes in engineering calculations get caught and taken care of, even if they’re in a confusing Excel spreadsheet. That’s because good engineers have a gut feel for what the answers should be, and they go digging if something is fishy.

The problem is that “digging” step. The mistake is usually in part of the calculation you’ve already moved past, and finding the problem takes longer than it should.

With Blockpad’s readable equations, most of those little mistakes get caught and fixed before you get the result and realize something is off.

Units intelligence also helps to catch errors – 1st because the computer is doing more of that work, and 2nd because “illegal” unit operations (that are easy to do in Excel) give an error in Blockpad.

Reuse calculations more confidently and effectively

Have you ever looked at a spreadsheet from a coworker and thought, “I have no idea what’s going on, it would be shorter just to remake this.” You might even think that about your own spreadsheet from last year.

Because Blockpad is built around readability, you can pick up old calcs and reuse them confidently. You don’t have to waste your time verifying an old spreadsheet or re-doing it yourself.

Blockpad also has tools to make reusing work easier and more powerful, including custom functions, blocks, and personal libraries.

Save time and headache

Using Blockpad really does save you time, but it also saves you headache.

With conventional spreadsheets, it takes a lot of work to ensure everything is right and looks professional. Why spend your mental energy on that, when there’s more important engineering work to be done?

Blockpad saves you time and headache, so you can focus on what’s important. Give it a try today, what’s stopping you?