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In Blockpad, you can create hyperlinks to places within a file, as well as to other files and websites.

Insert a hyperlink:
  1. Go to where you want the hyperlink.
  2. Click the insert button (or press ctrl+k).
  3. Select Hyperlink.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Type in the hyperlink address.
  6. Click OK.

When prompted for an address, you can enter a regular URL or file path, or you can enter a cross-reference to a specific place in a file.

You can get addresses to locations in the file using the copy reference to paragraph tool for paragraphs in Reports and copy reference for top level frames.

After you insert the hyperlink, edit the display text or the address through the properties window.

Cross-reference links

In Blockpad, cross-reference links to specific objects in files take this form:

Link to a regular named object in same file#FormulaPath
Link to a paragraph in same file#FormulaPath;id
Link to a regular named object in a different filefilepath#FormulaPath
Link to a paragraph in a different filefilepath#FormulaPath;id
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