Frequently Asked Questions

What does Blockpad use for calculations?

Blockpad includes its own robust math and formula engine. It's been in development since 2010, with over a quarter million lines of code.

Is Blockpad really a full word processor and spreadsheet?

Yes! Blockpad has a powerful patent-pending system for integrated documents.

What do you mean by reports, spreadsheets, and drawings linked together?

In conventional spreadsheets, you can reference cells in one sheet from another sheet. You can do this in Blockpad too, but a "sheet" can be a word processor, spreadsheet, or drawing.

Do the units actually calculate in equations, or are they just glorified notes?

Units in Blockpad are an important part of the math and formula engine. When units are in a formula, they will be converted, canceled, and multiplied as appropriate.

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I opened the program--what do I do now?

Thanks for becoming a Blockpad user! We suggest our getting started file to get up to speed. You can also check out the other material on the support page, like our videos.

How do your online calculators fit in with the desktop software?

These calculators can be used in-line with other calculations inside of the desktop app. We call these calculation modules "blocks". You can use ours or create your own.

Does Blockpad have solver tools?

Yes! Blockpad has solver sections for solving systems of equations.

I don't like how Excel slows down on big spreadsheets. Will Blockpad do that too?

Blockpad is very fast, even with big files. Just how fast depends on how it's used.

Is this an online program?

Blockpad is primarily desktop software for use on your personal computer.

What file type does Blockpad save as?

Files saves as .bpad, a file type specific to Blockpad. With the downloadable application, you can always access files for free, regardless of subscription.

Can I share my work with colleagues that don't have Blockpad?

Blockpad files can be saved to a pdf format to share.

I have tons of excel calculation templates, how can Blockpad make a transition easier?

Blockpad can run Excel calculation templates in-line with other Blockpad calculations using "blocks", which you can create from Excel templates.

Does Blockpad work with Word, Excel, and PDF files?

Blockpad can easily save to PDF files and copy-and-paste to Word and Excel files.

Does Blockpad use a blockchain?

Blockpad is for real work... But seriously, the "block" in Blockpad comes from our in-line calculation modules called blocks, not because we use Blockchain technology.

Can Blockpad run macros like Excel?

Yes! Blockpad has it's own scripting language called Stemscript that is used to write macros, modules, and blocks (our in-line calculation modules). Contact us for more information.