Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of files does Blockpad work with?

Blockpad files are saved as a Blockpad file type - .bpad.

In addition to that, Blockpad can open csv files, and you can save files as a pdf.

What calculation engine does Blockpad use?

Blockpad includes its own robust, fully-tested math and formula engine.

Is Blockpad web software, or do you download it?

Both—with Blockpad you can do 100% of your work online, or 100% of your work offline. It's your choice.

Our downloadable program for Windows gives you full control of your own files, and you don't need an internet connection.

We also have the full program available online as a web app, so you can work in your internet browser and share files with your team.

I opened the program--what do I do now?

Welcome to Blockpad! We suggest our deep dive guide to get up to speed. You can also check out the other material on the support page, like our videos.

Can I share my work with colleagues that don't have Blockpad?

There are a few ways you can share your work. Foremost, you can share a Blockpad file online, and they can view it as a guest in the web browser, with any permissions you give. You can also save a Blockpad file to excel or pdf, and share that file.

Does Blockpad have solver tools?

Yes! Blockpad has solver sections for solving systems of equations and implicit equations.

I don't like how Excel slows down on big spreadsheets. Will Blockpad do that too?

Blockpad is very fast, even with big files. Just how fast depends on how it's used.

What do you mean by reports, spreadsheets, and drawings linked together?

In conventional spreadsheets, you can reference cells in one sheet from another sheet. You can do this in Blockpad too, but a "sheet" can be a word processor, spreadsheet, or drawing.

How do your online calculators fit in with the desktop software?

These calculators can be used in-line with other calculations inside of the desktop app. We call these calculation modules "blocks". You can use ours or create your own.

Can Blockpad run macros like Excel?

Yes, but it works a little different than Excel. Blockpad has its own scripting language called Stemscript that is used to write macros, modules, and blocks (our in-line calculation modules). If you're interested, please contact us for more information.