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The Steam module in the engineering library holds steam table functions, so you can easily lookup the properties of water and steam in Blockpad.

Use a Steam module function:
  1. In a formula, type in Library.Engineering.Steam. .
  2. Type in the function you wish to use (or select from the dropdown and press tab).
  3. Continue like a normal function.

s_4f = Library.Engineering.Steam.sf_P(800 kPa)  = 2.046 kJ/kg/K

Steam snap 1

Steam snap 2

  • The functions generally follow the same naming system: Output_Input1_Input2.
  • Because it's simple to create custom functions, you may choose to make your own interpolation functions to use with the steam functions.
  • If you include the engineering library in a file, then you only need to type Steam.FunctionName, you can drop Library.Engineering. You may need to subscribe to the engineering library first.
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