Engineering library

The engineering library is a special library that comes with any paid Blockpad license. It has functions, tables, and blocks of engineering values and calculations.

Right now there are basically two useful components in the engineering library - the steam module and the steel shapes data table.

Steel shapes

The steel shapes table contains properties for different structural steel beam shapes, like W, S, and L.

To use the steel shapes table in a file, follow the instructions for using a library data table as a function.


The steam module contains steam table functions that return properties like saturated pressure given temperature.

To access these functions, you can use the long form name of the module (Library.Engineering.Steam) followed by a dot, and the dropdown list will show the available functions. In practice, we suggest using this long form name to create a shortcut name.

You can also include the engineering library in your file, but you need to subscribe to it first for it to show up as an option.